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This Is Your Time To Thrive 
We help you take back control over Your Health & Your Life. 

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Our health programs help our practice members thrive, by addressing the true cause of your symptoms.

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If you are feeling frustrated or hopeless about your health and medications or procedures seem to be your only option...then you need a different approach.


At Live Wellness, WE CARE about how your health affects your life. That is why we empower you to take full control of your health and help your body to heal itself, naturally.


The first step is learning how to unlock your body's healing power through our comprehensive approach.


Watch our free mini-course so we can show you what that looks like. 


I welcome everyone to visit Dr. Krista and Dr. Adam for a natural, gentle approach to improving your health and well-being. Their expertise and gentle guidance is coupled with a compassion for their work and a dedicated interest in all aspects of the health of their patients. 

—  Joanna, T.

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